The Meaning of "Austerity"

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James Corbett
June 22, 2010


The Meaning of "Austerity"
by grtv


..."Austerity" is one of those Orwellian terms that has been injected into our political discourse precisely because it is a nice-sounding word for a very painful reality. "Austerity" implies discipline, self-restraint, even nobility. "Austerity" is prudent. "Austerity" is modest. "Austerity" is a virtue. It is an end in itself.

If the IMF or the European Central Bank come to the people of a collapsing European nation and tell them to sacrifice their pensions and their savings and their very standard of living all for a debt that their government has fraudulently racked up in their name, no one would go for it, and rightly so.

But tell those same people that they need to implement "austerity measures" in order to "get back on their feet" economically, and many will be willing to live in the harshest of conditions, content to put up with the dismantling of their nation itself in the vain hope that by giving more power to the international financial institutions they can somehow avoid economic collapse...


2010 / 06 / 23
Anonymous says:

You are talking about the dreaded and infamous NWO. The anti-human banksters must be boycotted. There should be parallel organizations that supplant these hood-banksters and throw them out of business.

World Co-operatives of developing natiions should throw these bankster-hoods out of busness. If we don't do that we are all in debt for a thousand years.

This is not mere talk. Our survival depends on our acting on this. LET US DESTOY THESE AMORAL BANKSTERS NOW lest they stragle us fnancially.

2011 / 12 / 20
roger dittmann says:

The increasing failures of the current system are well analyzed and becoming increasingly obvious.
It is time to consider the new Hegelian synthesis resulting from the failing capitalist system and the defeated alternative.
Once a reasonable consensus is achieved in deciding what kind of a beautiful, sustainable habitat we desire and the fulfilling lives, including leisure and a poetry industry, we desire, then a committed leadership, a vanguard party, is needed to help make the transition.
We don't have much time before environmental limitations and population growth limit potential. Let's get going!

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