Palestine/Gaza: The Siege

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June 28, 2010


Palestine/Gaza: The Siege
by grtv

The three year old siege on the Gaza Strip and its 1.5 million inhabitants is a testament to the Israeli regime's disregard of law, decency and morality. This siege amounts to collective punishment, an action outlawed by various conventions and humanitarian laws. This is not to mention the suffering and humanitarian crisis caused by this law. This siege has been disgracefully condoned by the "international community" and justified by the "free world" as a measure that safegurads the security of the Israeli regime.

The same position was applied to the various humanitarian aid ships that were attacked and abuducted in international waters, and the aid carried by those ships confiscated. The killing of 9 Turkish activists on the the Freedom Flotilla on 1 June brought an abrupt end to international silence regarding the siege. It is unfortunate that the world needed to see the blood of those brave men to realize the brutality of the siege and of the besieger.

Nevertheless, it is our duty to finish what the brave men and women of the Freedom Flotilla and the campaigns that preceded it. It is time to brieak the siege.


2012 / 10 / 20
Harjit says:

I agree with Golda Meir, when she talked about foreivengss for the arabs when they start loving thier children more than the arabs hate them. Forgive my langauage, but when muslems start using their children as sheilds for propaganda reasons then all I can say is that they are pussies. When a people can hide behind children, that proves that they not only hate their own children, they hate their own faith. This proves to me that there is no allah, because, no god that they pray to would ever stand for their actions of using his children to sheild them selves. Go to hell all you who hate children.

2015 / 09 / 28
ashley carter says:

I agree with Golda Meir in all || Violetta

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