War Promises: The Battle Against State and Media Disinformation

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June 16, 2010


War Promises: The Battle Against State and Media Disinformation
by grtv

Millions of people believe that evidence proves that Western intelligence services organised the hideous attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001. Even the mainstream media have stopped defending the official version and now prefer to ignore the issue altogether.

Distrust in Western governments grows as the wars of aggression waged by the USA and NATO continue to be justified with these false flag operations. Ever harsher domestic laws are being passed to crush all outrage and resistance in Western populations; at the end of the day they aim to unleash the German military on German civilians, instead of allowing morality and ethics to flow into day-by-day policymaking.

That morality and ethics long ago stopped playing a part in political decision-making is shown by the use of internationally outlawed weapons in all the wars NATO has started. At best, one has heard of depleted uranium after seeing the film Deadly Dust by award-winning Frieder Wagner. But even that film is systemically blocked out and banished, although, or perhaps because, it shows the horrific consequences of the use of these uranium weapons.

Among those aghast at the actions of NATO and the complicity of Germany in such internationally illegal wars of aggression is Christoph Hörstel, for many years foreign correspondent and editorial head of the German public broadcasting network ARD. Of like mind is Giullietto Chiesa, a Member of the European Parliament, who slams the ignorance and disinterest of most of his fellow Members.

What they dont know is explained in the film War Promises by insiders and whistleblowers. Annie Machon was a spy with the British MI5 and reports on false flag operations, as do Andreas von Bülow and Jürgen Elsässer, who possess enormous insider knowledge from their membership of the parliamentary committee supervising the secret services, and want to bring it to the public.

Eight years after 9/11 millions of people have linked up through the Internet to jointly rebel against this criminal system. What was still dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory until just a few month ago is now regarded as proven, raising the question how we, the people, handle this situation, in which those who govern us have on their minds anything but our wellbeing.

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2010 / 06 / 20
Anonymous says:

Thank you for posting this.

2010 / 07 / 23
Jacek Rafal Tatko says:

Truth and Justice is what makes beautiful peace , progress and prosperity possible .

Please , keep the great work up ! Love !

2010 / 08 / 29
Susan says:

NATO? Can you dig a little deeper and identify 'the club?' Generic organizations do not identify that group of people doing this for financial/power gains. Hint: Balfour Declaration. Thanks.

2010 / 10 / 16
Paul of Pitsea says:

Brilliant work BUT... the final comment really highlights the essential problem: We are - even us, the 'awake' - still caught in a terrible Marxist straight-jacket, believing that peace can only come through 'revolution', through a holy, blood-soaked, Marxist 'workers' jihad.

But the madmen in control of this NWO fascism are Marxists too (Capitalist dialectical materialists)... that's the Hegelian catch! Left and Right are both equally 'materialists', seeking an intellectual, purely human solution to the problem of peace. (Did you not notice the effortless ease with which 'communist' China performed its recent fascist transition?)

The fundamental problem is that peace doesn't have a purely human solution. It has only a human-God solution. So, if we can't learn to humble ourselves to pray for that then we are going to have to continue for a short while yet - until everything goes up in nuclear flames - to perambulate in discouragingly little circles of continually decreasing radius.

2011 / 02 / 06
Marko says:

Pozdrav iz Srbije , od srca . Hvala veliko .

2015 / 02 / 28
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