Contradictory US Objectives in Egypt Questioned

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PJ Crowley
January 27, 2011


Contradictory US Objectives in Egypt Questioned
by grtv

PJ Crowley, the spokesman for the US state department, has been talking to Al Jazeera about the recent protests in Egypt and Tunisia.

He says the US supports social reform and more freedoms in Egypt, yet at the same time supports the government of President Hosni Mubarak.

Crowley describes Egypt as "an ally and friend of the United States, an anchor of stability in the Middle East which is helping us pursue a comprehensive peace in the Middle East".

"We want to see change in Egypt, we want to see it done peacefully and stably."

Bottom line: State Department logic dictates supporting dictatorship in the name of democracy.


2011 / 01 / 27
Mike corbeil says:

Even the Devil would have difficulty lying more than Crowley and Washington do! He knows he's lying, and he lies so much that he doesn't need to open his mouth to lie. The second he appears in public we can know we're going to be lied to.

What's so stabilizing about the regime in Egypt; making sure that the genocide of Palestinians continues and that Israel can do whatever its leadership dictates to be done to Palestine and Lebanon, f.e.? That's stabilization? For Wall Street and western makers of war(s) on Muslim countries, only.

2011 / 01 / 27
Bill P says:

Nicely said mike.

2011 / 01 / 28
Marcus Manning says:

I agree Mike, he is avoiding the question as to why the unnecessary expenditure in terms of the Egyptian security forces.

Typical political liar.

2011 / 01 / 28
Paul Hubbard says:

How the U.S. defines "stability" is what should scare every thinking person. Egyptian and Tunisian people: how's all that U.S. - backed "stability" workin' out for yeh?

2011 / 01 / 28
jack says:

follow the money,when will losses be, how would the "Mobarak" Boo say it,crush yeah crush the international financial special interest un-democratic corperite LO$$ES

2011 / 01 / 28
Johan says:

As a 70yr old retired military man who was brainwashed growing up after the "good war" in late 40's-50's (what bs) 4yrs
in military school reinforced the damage to my brain,
anyway after 4tours in nam I was finaily waking up to the
damage US was doing in the world I guess I just could not
belive my eyes,I was in spec/ops and the deceite that was done to freind&foe alike by CIA/AID drove me mad,well I started trying to get the truth out about 1978 I even bought
copies of "Spotlight" trying to explain about the zionist control
of our gove that was tsking place,& US wars of aggresstion
but I'am sad to say the only people who paid attention to my
talks & letters to congress was the IRS after getting audits
3 out of 5yrs I moved to Europe where I can still have some
feelings of freedom that I used to have in US,& I can talk to people about something other than what was on TV last nite
the youngest Arab cab driver is far more abreast of the real
world then anybody I've spoken to in US in 30yrs.

2011 / 01 / 28
Mike corbeil says:


If what you wrote is all true, which I assume it is, then it must definitely be very disheartening when learning how Washington really is after you offered yourself up for service in what, for you, was all honesty and sincerity. When you risk yourself for carrying out orders that you later find out came from liars, war criminals and racketeers ("War is a Racket"), then it must be a very hard lesson. Perhaps many veterans will resist against learning the truth, but you're clearly not one of them and that's something to be very grateful for. It means hard memories for veterans who face the truth and admit it, but denying the truth is much more damaging to onself and others. Being open to the truth is necessary for real conscience and having one is something to [treasure].

Have a good life, now.

2011 / 01 / 29
Joe Gong says:

Why the journalist not ask PJ. Crowley ,Why U.S Wait 30 years for Egypte and other country like Tunisia 25 years to Talk about reform. those guys play a game.

2011 / 01 / 30
mark i mac says:

Johan, my heart bleeds for you, but aint it just the truth, and doesnt that make it priceless, and it brings its own healing. Bless you and all honest hearted fellows, you make this world a place worth living in.

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