US Veterans Speak Out Against Iraq War

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May 17, 2011


US Veterans Speak Out Against Iraq War
by grtv

Listen to and support those American veterans that are now awake and speaking out against this cruel and unjust "war".

For more information, visit the website of "Iraq Veterans Against the War":


2011 / 06 / 08
Donald D Eldred says:

I am a WWII vet, served in the Army Air Corps in Alaska at war's end. Never was shot at, or shot at anyone, so I don't have the perspective of a combat vet, but I saw enough of the military.

I admire these Vets against the war. Any war. They are the courageous ones.

2013 / 06 / 04
kioshi mizumura says:

I m not a veteran. I had been served in sowiet army as privat. but I m suffering my powerlessness against your enemies cause it is my enemies to- imperialism. I d like
to be useful in acting against war,just now in suria.but I m
alone and powerlessness. I m strong and I don't beg people from criminal unhuman ,sociopatic governemants of global
corporations. we have to resist but I don't know- how.
wairing for letters.

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