American Peacemaking 1945-2011

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July 1, 2011


American Peacemaking 1945-2011
by grtv

Visual documentation of many of the US/NATO "humanitarian missions" that have claimed the lives of millions of civilians since the END of the Second World War.


2011 / 11 / 25
Madam Ost says:

This is a good idea that needs to be expanded on. Even though the choice of music which serves as an ironic counterpoint to the images we are seeing makes this seem to have a poetic ambiance to it ..Ultimately its missing something..

I want to tell this film maker the same thing I have told many others. Do your research before you make your film. That way you can end it with something like the casualty and death tolls form each of those conflicts. Images and music are a great thing to make a message. But the numbers will hammer your point home in ways that the images and music alone wont..

Look here to see what I mean. This fellow did a sensational job.

2012 / 03 / 30
Silvia Postill says:

@Madam ..I agree with you..the video link you posted was removed...what a surprise!!.

2012 / 07 / 20
Karsten Skyum Larsen says:

Please do not forget the bad guys. Do I need to mention their names and their crimes against humanity. UN and NATO did something to remove them. This was necessary and bad both for the populations and the soldiers. Now the way foreward is cleared to build up a better future. I don't suppose anybody wishes the bad guys back.

The bad guys are continuosly popping up and behave like they are asked to be popped down again. Why do we see the struggle in Syria these days. Why do they not sit down around a table and a cup of tea and speak about how they can join a prosporous future together. The world community cannot allow that they fight each other to the last man. Therefore NATO again has to intervene before it is far too late for the population to survive.

The video only shows the means. It does not show the backgrounds and the political and humanitarian efforts which have been done to avoid the struggels and the blood baths.

2015 / 02 / 16
davidjohn says:

This who manipulating and given the military the order to use this most terribel poisen on innecent humans is beyond comprihantions.But the german nation after 62 yrs still are branded holocousters?this bastards not only destroy human life also destroing the enviroment for thousends of years.Hypocracy thats all I can say. buy youtube views

2015 / 02 / 24
JackEskin says:

images we are seeing makes this seem to have a poetic ambiance to it ..Ultimately its missing something..

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