Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed

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Mirsad Fazlic
July 21, 2011


Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed
by grtv

As reviewed by Julia Gorin:

"Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed" follows interviews and revelations by Bosnian-Muslim investigative journalist Mirsad Fazlic, who doesn’t appreciate the fictitious, black-and-white version of the Bosnian war that is perpetuated by the international community and by Bosnian officialdom, which still honors wartime president Alija Izetbegovic as a national hero when Fazlic and others know he was the opposite. The film really begins only at the four-minute mark, and its main shortcoming is the ubiquitous, stubborn marriage to the notion that the number “7-8,000 killed” is anything other than a concoction that the world has been working backwards for 16 years to make seem real.

Among numerous of the film’s jaw-dropping revelations — including the fact that the humanitarian convoys which the Serbs were allowing to pass to Srebrenica were being intercepted by Bosnian “hero” Naser Oric and sold on the black market (and including Srebrenica police chief Hakija Mehovic describing the meeting at which the Bosnian leadership floated a proposal by Bill Clinton that 5,000 Srebrenica residents be sacrificed) — are the following:

1. “Mladic had four tanks and 400 men. In reserve he also had 1600 armed locals. But Mladic didn’t trust them since they lacked discipline and would use every opportunity to revenge [Srebrenica warlord] Oric’s attacks on the villages. The Serbs were outgunned by NATO’s fighter aircraft, 450 Dutch peacekeepers and Oric’s 5,500 soldiers.” (The first fact is important as a contradistinction to the Mladic that has been presented to the public, and there is more in the film in that regard. The latter factoids are important to illustrate that Srebrenica was set up for the Serbs to overpower, with the Muslim side “winning by losing,” as Nebojsa Malic calls it.)

2. In reference to the 50 Serbian villages that were being attacked by the Muslims of Srebrenica: “Especially disturbing was a religious dimension to the killings. Men were castrated in an anti-Christian gesture of circumcision. Pregnant women were disemboweled with cuts in the form of a cross. Some people were crucified, nails driven through their hands.”

3. “In April 1993 military chiefs from both sides — General Sefer Halilovic and General Ratko Mladic — signed a UN plan for Srebrenica and the other cities to become demilitarized zones. The Muslims promised on their side to stop the aggression against the Serbs around the enclaves and against the 15,000 Serbs still living in the capital Sarajevo.” (The Muslim side naturally didn’t hold to their end of the bargain, but what makes the excerpt exceptional is the word “aggression” for once attributed to the correct side of the Bosnian war.)

4. “Islam will win, since Bosnia is an Islamic country.” (Graffiti on the walls of a destroyed building in Kravica, where on January 7, 1993 — Orthodox Christmas — Muslims destroyed the town, killing 49 men, women, and children.)



2011 / 07 / 21
Damir says:

Complete lies with NO historical basis...since this website is Canadian this might even be breaking laws in the criminal code since it is preaching hate against an identifiable race/ethnicity. I HIGHLY suggest the administrator remove this content before charges are laid.

2011 / 07 / 21
iko says:

Agreed. Fiction dressed up as fact.

2011 / 07 / 21
Mike says:

Damir and iko are obviously misinformed Muslims that have fallen for the Mainstream version (lies) of events

2011 / 07 / 22
Dragan says:

To damir and iko can you please highlite which part of the documentary is :
"preaching hate" or
"has no historical basis"
You two ignoramuses have NO real grasp of reality, did you realy believe the truth won't come out?

2011 / 07 / 22
Veronica says:

Thank you, an excellent film which shows up the Western Medias dis-information service!
Truth will always win in the end, when good men speak out.

2011 / 07 / 22
alexandra says:

I DO think it's all true. Long time ago Russian histoian Alexander Ionov alreday defended this point of view, based on the archives. Thre should be a way among all these lies...

2011 / 07 / 22
Milos says:

I am glad GR decided to expose materials like this. Revealing of the real truth about what happened there will benefit all sides in Bosnian conflict and help reconciliation.
To interested people I would also recommend to google for Edward Herman's new book 'Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics'. He presents there analysis based on scientific methodology and approach. Must read for un/des-informed.

2011 / 07 / 22
Neretva'43 says:

I just wonder why is this comment from the ultra Zionist Julia Gorin? Is she expert in Bosnian war?

In addition she hates Muslim and Islam; it is no secret and that is what make me suspicious of this site given the history of writing about the wars in Balkan.

As for the film itself, it is not big deal for me. All this infos were, kind of, public secrets. Professor Filipovic has been talking about it for years, when I was living in Sarajevo I was reading him back in mid-late 90s. Naser Oric is tug, hoodlum, and warlord - everybody knows that - and he was bodyguard of Serbian President, thus he was probably working for NATO and whatnot.

In one moment there is sentence "massacre was not premeditated", of course it was. Just as aggression on Bosnia it was, just as was siege of Sarajevo.

Unfortunately, the movie is tuned to conceal the key player of Srebrenica tragedy: EU, USA, and NATO.

In Finacial Times, Zionist and imperialist's General Michael Rose said this: Nato will carry equal blame. He said this:

"For, had Nato troops deployed in 1992, when President Alija Izetbegovic invited them into Bosnia to prevent the war spreading there from Croatia, neither the war there nor the massacre could have happened. Worse still, following the deployment of the UN to Bosnia in a principally humanitarian role, Nato, led by the US, systematically undermined the peacekeeping efforts of the UN by breaking the arms embargo for Yugoslavia and by arming and training the Muslims and Croatians."

2011 / 07 / 22
Neretva'43 says:

Everybodys are looking for the truth. So, what is the truth, one wonder?

The truth is that the SFRY was federal state of six republics. Milosevic with ideological backing from programme of SANU didn't come from nowhere. He was coopted and installed with duty to dismantle Yugoslavia. It was ultimate goal and dream of imperialists from the West, in particular Germans, and semi-fascists from Belgrade. It was him, Milosevic - personification of Serbian national aspirations - who enabled IMF, EU, USA and finally NATO to enslave population and conquer that part of Europe. It was him who enabled penetration of neoliberal economic concept in ex Yugoslavia. He overplayed his hands and it costs him dearly, along with everybody else.

Just as in the case of Libya, they needed somebody to break apart the country - Transitional National Council is invented.

Serbian ultra-chauvinistic establishment - who waited the death of Tito, just like the West - had caused all the wars and immense suffering and material damages of ex Yugoslavia. In particular, in Bosnia!

Serbians wished to dominate over majority of the land, natural resources and wealth, as a landlocked country they wanted exit to to sea. They wanted the same what US wants, in Serbian case to dominate over the majority of Yugoslavia, in US case the whole world. If negotiations doesn't work than the raw force will.

The Serbian national policy (in early stage of dismantlement) is primary and chief cause of calamity and disaster of once progressive, successful and moder state of Yugoslavia.

Now, fistful of principalities, colonial creatures and vassals states, remnants of ex Yugoslavia with its ruling establishment can not offer anything to its population. Hopelessness and dismal future is all what I can see. Why?
Serbian rigid national policy is still in place, along with the rest of others rigid of nationalistic polices are stronger than ever. They are supported by IMF, WB, EBRD, NATO, etc., and with the promise of paradise: membership into EU. Certain path to the serfdom.

@Milos and rest.
No books, articles, movies made by Herman, crypto-left Chomsky, or right; whether the truth-teller are coming form Zionist like Julia, or from anti-Muslim, anti-Islam camp may, and will "explain" what happened in Bosnia. It is not fixable, it is a history, as such will stay remembered, in conscience. Because, it is a crime of monumental scale!

The answer lay in your front yard, in your mirror(s), in you. Do want to see it? Herman, and US academia in general, are accomplices of US foreign policy. There are controlled and paid by their sponsors: corporations and foundations. And they do not care, they are making money on somebody misery. That's how vast majority of average of the west works, regardless of educational level. The answer/solutions are not coming from the West, only problems and suffering.

2011 / 07 / 24
peacefulwarrior ~Alex says:

As they say " truth is stranger then fiction " the people of the former Yugoslavia (as people everywhere) didn't know what they had until they lost compassion for their fellow man and their country, but the sadist part of all this is that most of them who came out of this so called "civil war " never learned anything !
Look at the present situation Ladies and Gentlemen and open your eyes ... the people have lost everthing including their present country with no real boarders that they so call home and gained small table crumes along with hatred and poverty .The only winners here are the criminals (the Demons) in POWER outside of Former Yugoslavia .
So very unfare to give credit to someone like Slobodan Milosevic that he started and was behind the breakup of Yugoslavia when credit isn't due ...But people just don't want to see truth through all the smoke and mirrors and all those spin doctors that feed you by their evil hand ... because that would mean they the poeple would have to resort to a little work like using their brain and thinking for them selfs .
Breaking up Yugoslavia into pieces by that old magic trick divide and conquer, worked out very well for the hidden hand and their little pets/puppets that guard their little run down institutions in every country which in reality are nothing more then train and bus stations, for delivering their master plan " economic medicine" to the poeple (GOYIM)...Now thats democracy for you?
That master plan was in the works back when Tito was still parading in his worthless wartime medals calling the shots with his masonic brothers in crime. If I missed anything please forgive me, for I am losing my appitite when I start going back in time PRODUCED, DIRECTED and EDITED history, starring losers the people...very sad! but somehow true.
I would like to kindly thank GRTV for providing this vidio / information so some or more of us will get a little closer to the truth.

Thanks ~ Alex

2011 / 07 / 24
Miroslav says:

So this was all about religious persecution and religious war but was presented to the west as a political war.

2011 / 07 / 27
Rane says:

Mirsad Fazlic is a fictious character. He does not exist.

2011 / 07 / 28
peacefulwarrior ~Alex says:

It takes a sick evil mind / minds to break up Yugolsavia and watch nabours kill each other in the most inhumane ways, as a form of pleasure like its some kind of entertanment.
Then step into the arena of blood, looking for justice by presenting one self as a police force and later as gudge and jury to protect the weak and innosent and punish the so called aggressor for all their crimes in this well produced and directed conflict.
All the makings for a good plot in a movie ...with a Directors cut.

2011 / 07 / 28
Aeria says:

Excellent movie!!! TRUTH at last!

2011 / 08 / 02
Anon says:

Finally, the truth!

2011 / 09 / 02
Garry McDougall says:

this is exactly matching what General McKenzie was saying.
it was all a plot to start nato attacks

2011 / 10 / 05
Peaceseaker says:

Mirso is brave man

2011 / 10 / 07
John says:

Complete Muslim history in Bosnia is a big disinformation. Bosnian Muslims are Serbians or Croats by nationality but they deny that and declare their religion as nationality. Worst part is that through history they are killing each other over nothing! Hate is fed first by Ottoman Turks, then by Austro-Hungarian Empire and finally by Fascists and Nacis during second world war.

2011 / 11 / 04
Aleksandra says:

I am Serbian but i am not racist towards Muslims or any other religion BUT in saying this i will say that many lies have been told in favour of the Bosnian Muslims
Firstly, you are not a separate nationality,,,Bosnian Muslim is not a nationality you are Serbs and Croatians who were forced under the Ottoman Empire to change your religion
I am not saying this as an insult just as a fact of history and I respect everyone's religion
Secondly, the West aren't huge fans of Serbs and will do almost anything to convince this ignorant world of our "crimes". It was a war where I am positive crimes were committed on all sides because that is what war does, it turns men into animals.
You know what the saddest thing is? This was all pre planned by a power higher than us all; don't you Bosnian Muslims worry...if there comes a day where you don't fit into NATO's/the West's picture of the world they'll slander you just like they do us and that is what most people aren't aware of
One documentary in favour of the Serbs and BOOM people have a whinge...why must someone who is on our side be an ultra nationalist but someone on your side is a humanitarian?? Why are there even sides??
People do not see how the media brainwashes us to believe one hate one can you be so gullible?

2012 / 04 / 07
Dragan says:

I am Serbian and I am from Sarajevo. I am not racist towards Muslims, even my godfather was Muslim. My father had more friends Muslims then Serbs, thanks for that I am today live. Not because they help us, but because theirs behavior before the war. On their behavior my father realized they wont to destroy everything what is Serbian. Do not get me wrong, not all Muslims were that, there was good Muslim people and today there is good Muslim people, but bad people start this war on booth sides, and that is the fact.
Here i will say just what sow or hear with my ayes.
Serbs which stay in Sarajevo during the war today are dead or with heavy psychical problems, their cause are not Serbs, but Muslims which kill them in Sarajevo and prison camps in Sarajevo. Sarajevo was not occupied town it was divided town. It is divided so that parts of town in which Serbs was major become Serbian and parts in which Muslim was major become Muslims parts.
Aggression on Bosnia - major lie
Nobody attack Bosnia, in Bosnia was civil war. Serbs from Bosnia fight with Muslims and Croatians from Bosnia. Even the Muslims fight between them in Bosnia. Yes, we have help from Serbs from Serbia, but what should to expect from our people do not to help us?!
Srebrenica - Muslim kill my people three years. They come from protected by UN military zone and killed our people and belied that they stay unpunished for that! Serbs killed a lot people in Srebrenica but most of them died in fights before srebrenica was taken and in fights when Srebrenica was taken. They tried to break trough Serbian land 20 kilometers long. What should Serbs do, let them go to continue to burn and kill everything what is Serbian. When you look dates of birth killed Muslims from Srebrenica you can see that major of them are military capable mans, and unfortunately in wars military capable mans dying.
In these days west wont to present word haw Serbs are something worst in the word, but times are changing...

What is the worst thing of all is that ordinary people from word who have opportunity to meet and spend time with people which escape from Bosnia whether they Muslim, Croatians or Serbs they will say haw we are good and kind people!

Best regards from Istocno Sarajevo

2012 / 06 / 07
FairMan says:

For those of you who don't believe the facts in this documentary - you need a longer dialogue with a mirror. What do you think happened there?!
It is a true that a appearance of Milosevic provoke the rise of other nationalistic figures as Izetbegovic and Tudjman. But the truth is that the first one led his people into tragedy. Serbs were strongly provoked to do the most of the killings.
Western countries also did the terrible mistake by prematurely recognizing Croatian and Bosnian independence, and by undermining Carrington-Coutillier's plan.
West searched for sacrificial lamb and find it in Serbs. ICTY did not judge Naser Oric right which is a disgrace while Serbian side was tried severely.
Poor SFRJ people voted in early '90-ties only their sole misery!

2012 / 10 / 16
peter says:

You remeber the Muslim HANDZAR SS?They reformed a half year before the war!

ps:German state TV produced a film about the Kosovo war-it came out that it was all a lie!It was totally different what german politicians told the germans...Even Albanians say this...

Here with english subtitles:

2012 / 12 / 27
Stuart says:

I really liked it. You should add this movie to

2013 / 02 / 04
Oskar says:

I've seen this documentary and there really is nothing controversial or new in it. Everything has already been well documented in the Dutch NIOD institutes 2002 report on Srebrenica and in the prof. Cees Wiebes report on the intelligence war in Bosnia. In addition to these academic papers the contents of the documentary has already been covered by numerous other journalists. This is not controversial stuff (unless you are ideological about these things).

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2015 / 02 / 16
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2015 / 02 / 16
davidjohn says:

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2015 / 02 / 24
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2015 / 03 / 09
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2015 / 03 / 14
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2015 / 03 / 17
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