Tear Gas, Barbed Wire, Isolation: NATO Tools for Kosovo Raid

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Aleksandar Pavic
November 24, 2011


Tear Gas, Barbed Wire, Isolation: NATO Tools for Kosovo Raid
by grtv

Serb protesters have thwarted attempts by NATO to dismantle a barricade in Northern Kosovo. And while NATO claims their decision to fire teargas came as 21 of their soldiers were injured, Belgrade has warned Pristina against any further violence.

The Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic has called on the Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci to restrain his NATO led forces from attacking Serbian civilians.

"The red line for Belgrade would be Hashim Thaci's decision to initiate an armed attack on Serbs in Kosovo. Thaci must know that any attack against Kosovar Serbs means an attack on Belgrade," Dacic said in a statement aired on local television Thursday. Dacic went on to warn Pristina it would be mistaken to think that fears of upsetting the current balance of power would exclude the possibility of war.

Dacic was quick to point out "historically, we've lost Kosovo several times, and then it's returned to us."

The Serbian minister's strongly worded appeal is a response to overnight clashes in Northern Kosovo which NATO claims injured 21 of its soldiers.

NATO released a statement Thursday saying Serb protesters threw stones and drove trucks loaded with gravel into its troops. The alliance also claims one soldier was seriously injured, as the decision to fire tear gas and end the operation was taken to avoid "serious casualties on both sides,'' the Associated Press reports.

Wedensday night's disturbances came as Serbs thwarted attempts by a Kosovo Force (KFOR) contingent under NATO command from dismantling a barricade near the town of Zvecan in Northern Kosovo.

Late on Wednesday, KFOR forces stretched barbed wire across a road near Zvecan -- a town located near the de facto Serbian capital of Kosovska Mitrovica -- as they moved to dismantle the concrete barricade.

Shortly after NATO forces arrived, a siren went off which alerted local Serbs, who soon rushed to the area and began tearing down the barbed wire. KFOR troops then deployed tear gas in a failed attempt to repel the hundreds of Serbs who had gathered to protect the barricades.

After the NATO troops withdrew from the area, the Serbs moved to further reinforce the concrete blocks. According to RT's Aleksey Yaroshevksy, some sources have said NATO forces also used rubber bullets, though no injuries have been reported.

Tensions in Northern Kosovo have been on the rise for months over disputed border crossings. The government of the breakaway province wants to control the border with Serbia to enforce an import ban -- a move resisted by ethnic Serbs in Kosovo.

In July, a policeman was shot dead whilst Kosovo police were trying to take control of the border posts. At the time a temporary deal was reached between Pristina and Belgrade to allow the international peacekeepers to guard the border, but was rejected by local Serbs.

Kosovo proclaimed independence in 2008, though Serbia never recognized the breakaway move.

Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic told RT that NATO had destabilized the region by taking Pristina's side in the conflict, a decision which overstepped their role as a peacekeeping force under UN Security Resolution 1244.

"In 2008 Pristina unilaterally declared independence and NATO countries recognized that independence. So the root of the problem is that we have Western Powers who are recognizing an illegally declared state and they are trying to make the Serbs down there live in this illegally declared state. And that's why practically every day now, especially over the past several months, they're overstepping their UN mandate," he said.


2011 / 11 / 24
Jim says:

Dacic, is correct historically Serbs have lost Kosovo numerous times, however God has always been on the Serbian side, even now since the NATO forces are illegally occupy the Serbian land, Serbs all over the world are willing to return to Kosovo to fight off those evil forces that are their today.
It’s going to be a perfect day when Jesus Christ returns to earth to fight off the evil demons both Islam, and Judaism from the face of Kosovo and the face of the earth.

Revelation 1:7
Matthew 24:29-31
John 18:36

2011 / 11 / 25
peacefulwarrior says:

This goes out to all the Serbian people and to those who have any interest and what may become of their countries and their future ...

And to remind most of those Serb ( traitors) of the choice they made to become less then gypsie beggars, the day they BETRAYED themselves and their country, plus our great grandfathers who gave their lives for freedom for all man kind and good will, living on that land. FACT: The very same day they handed over Milosevic into the hands of the Demons, who promised them a free lunch and a better future? In that sad historical moment, we not only lost Kosovo we lost everything including Serbia.
To those lowest of the low who still dream of being accepted by the rotten to the core institution the European Union, which is nothing more then a modern version of the old Roman Empire ( one central goverment ) exploting all the resourses of other countries and milking the people like cattle. I say to you keep dreaming ! Dreams do come true.
And when you all awaken one day ( ? ) and you come to your senses and finally realise that your Identity and freedom has been taken away and your children which will be used and abused like you coudn't amagine ... Please, remember Slobodan Milosevic! and what he addressed to you and all other nationalites living at that time what used to be Serbia.(YUGOLSLAVIA )

"Dear citizens, before the second round I would like to know in this way my view of the political situation in our country, especially in Serbia. As you know, the last full decade of efforts to the entire Balkan Peninsula under the control of some Western powers. Much of this work was done by establishing puppet governments in some countries, transforming these countries into the countries of limited sovereignty, or deprived of any sovereignty. Because of our resistance to such a fate for our country, we have been exposed to all the pressures where in the world of civilized people can be exposed. The number and intensity of these pressures are multiplied as time went on. All experience in the second half of the 20th century by the great powers have to topple the government, inciting riots, encouraging civil wars, compromising, and the liquidation of the fighters for national freedom, bringing the state and nation to the brink of poverty - all this is applied to our country and our people. The events were organized for our choices are also part of this organized campaign against the country and the people, because our country and people barriers establishing complete domination on the Balkan Peninsula. In our public has long been a group that is present, as the opposition political parties of democratic orientation, which represents the interests of the holders of government pressure on Yugoslavia, especially Serbia. The group is in these elections emerged as the Democratic Opposition of Serbia. Her actual safe is their candidate for president of the state, its longtime chief of the Democratic Party and associate of the military alliance that waged war against our country. On its cooperation with the alliance could not even hide. After our entire public has known his appeal to NATO to the Serbian bombing as many weeks as necessary to its resistance to breaking. headed by organized groups in this election is, therefore, representative of the army and the government which recently waged war against Yugoslavia. Representing the interests of this group are sent to our public message that with them the whole of Yugoslavia to be beyond any danger of war and violence, that will come to economic prosperity, clearly and quickly achieved a higher standard, so-called return of FRY into international institutions and so on. Dear citizens, it is my duty to the public and timely warn that these FALSE promises and that things were the opposite, for it is our policy guarantees peace, and their only permanent conflict and violence, and here's why. supports the establishment of an administration, or installed a community of countries gathered in the NATO alliance, Yugoslavia would inevitably become a country whose territory would be rapidly disintegrated. It's not just intentions of NATO, to the pre-election promises and DOS. from its representatives we have heard that Sandzak will get autonomy, which is a member of their coalition Ugljanin, leader of the separatist Muslim organization which has been advocating for 10 years, which definitely stands out actually Sandzak from Serbia. Their promises also include giving autonomy to Vojvodina, which is such that not only separate from Serbia and Yugoslavia, but was by all is an integral part of neighboring Hungary. The similar way to split from Serbia and other areas, particularly its border areas. Their merger neighboring countries has long been a hot topic for these nations that constantly encourage minority of states in the FRY to contribute annexation of parts of our country's neighboring countries. As part of this policy the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, Kosovo would be the first casualty. His current status is declared to be legal and final. This is the first part of Serbia with whom she would have to bid farewell, not even at the same time expressing the hope that that part of her country, one will be able to be returned. remaining territory, which would carry the name of Serbia would be occupied by international, U.S. or any third-military forces, which would treat the territory as a military training as a property that possesses in accordance with the interests of the military forces of which the inside. such control, the consequences of such control, we watched for decades, especially in this decade in many countries around the world, unfortunately in recent years in Europe, for example in Kosovo, the Serbian Republic and Macedonia, in our immediate neighborhood. The Serbian people would know the fate of Kurds, with the prospect of being wiped out faster because they are less than the Kurds, and because their movements would be restricted to a smaller area than the one in which the Kurds have been present for decades. As regards to Montenegro, its fate would be left to the mob whose rules citizens should play well to know. Each discipline, and especially any opposition to the interests of the mafia puts you on the list for elimination, which excludes the right to pardon anyone. I have presented in the case of the fate of Yugoslavia to accept NATO's choice for our country, in order to warn that in that case other than the loss of land and humiliation of the people all lived under the constant violence. The new owners of the state territory of the former Yugoslavia, as well as occupying the remaining Serbian territory would naturally terrorizing the population whose territory has been occupied. I Serbian people at the same time led to a ceaseless struggle for the restoration of the Serbian state and reassemble it. They do not want peace and prosperity in the Balkans. They want this to be a zone of permanent wars that would provide an alibi for a permanent presence. puppet government guarantees violence, possibly many years of war, anything but peace. Only our own government guarantees peace. All the nations who have come under attack from foreign powers, have become poor in a manner that all hope for a more just and humane social relations. The great division between the poor and most rich minority, it is the image of Eastern Europe for several years and that we can all see. That picture would also include us. And we would be un-owner of our country quickly gained a vast majority of the poor, whose prospects of coming out of poverty turn out very, very uncertain and distant. A minority of wealthy villa would be made up of elite smuggling which would be allowed only to be rich to be provided at all loyal to the command which decides the fate of their country. The public and social property would quickly be transformed into a private , but its owners, the experience of our neighbors, would usually be foreigners. few exceptions would be those who would only be entitled to the property buying loyalty and submission, which are displaced from the sphere of basic national and human dignity. The greatest national assets in the conditions become the property of foreigners, and those who manage them so far, it would in these altered circumstances as employees of foreign companies in their own country. The national humiliation, state and social misery would necessarily lead to many forms of social pathology among which crime would be the first. This is not mere conjecture, but the experience of all countries that have gone this route, which we avoid at all costs. The capitals of European countries for almost a decade in the West are not, as it once was, but in the East of Europe. Our people and the present crime problem even as we long since the Second World War to the nineties, lived in a society that crime was not known, so to speak. And some more crime, which can not be avoided in a society that would become the great loss of sovereignty and territory, the greater crime would be, for us little unaccustomed to crime and dangerous people, such as for society and its citizens, dangerous war. One of the important tasks of a puppet government in any country and in our, were we to have, is loss of identity. The lands relatively foreign command quickly forget their history, their past, their tradition, their national symbols, their habits, and often their own literary language. invisible at first, but very efficient and ruthless selection of national identity was reduced to it to a few local dishes, in some songs and folk dances, the names of national heroes, food stuff and cosmetics. One of the really obvious consequence, occupation of the territory of a country by the great powers in the 20th century, the annulment of the identity of the people who live in the country . From the experience of other countries shows that people barely able to monitor the rate at which begins to use a foreign language as their own, to identify with foreign historic figures forgetting her own, to know better literature of their occupiers from their literature, glorifying the history of others , while mocking her, that he looked like the other, instead of themselves. not free the country abolished the right of the citizens who live in them to express their opinion as to the opinion above all absence of freedom. This is why torture OPINION of the most consistent and essential form of torture in a country that has lost its freedom. A manifestation of the will is permitted only as a farce. varlet manifested only by foreign masters, and their simulated free will serves as a cover to occupiers established a democracy in whose name the occupied territories and foreign lands. In particular, I want to emphasize the young people, intellectuals, scientists, that are deprived of the sovereignty of the country generally deprived of the right to creativity, especially creativity in science. Large centers and high-power finance scientific work, control of reach and decide on the application of its results. Dependent state, if they have scientific laboratories and research institutes, have them as separate entities but as a branch exchange, which controls them all, especially in the creative reach of opinion in the paper. attainments must move within the limits provided in the occupied countries and occupied people will not enter seeds of rebellion and emancipation. At this time the second round, on suspicion of DOS that can achieve the result they need, members of the DOS peak entered the country with money bribe, blackmail and intimidate citizens and organized strikes, riots and violence in order to stop production, each and every work activity. All, of course, in order to fit life in Serbia and on the grounds that this life can begin again and to take place successfully and well, when it begins to organize those here representing the occupying intentions, plans and interests. Our country is a sovereign state, has its laws, its Constitution, its institutions. Serbia is obliged, and deserved to defend against the invasion which it was prepared through a false form of subversion. The citizens have a duty to know that participation in subversion, which seeks outside dominance over their land or occupation of their country historicaly bear responsibility for the loss of control over their own lives. leaving their country to others, nobody will leave just as nobody will their own lives and the lives of their children and many other people. I consider myself obliged to warn our citizens about the consequences of the activities financed and supported by the governments of the NATO alliance. Citizens may or may not have to believe me. I can only hope that addressing the people in my warnings are not to late later when the error is difficult to remove, and some may not be able to remove. My motive to address in this way is not at all my personal nature. Twice I was elected president of Serbia and a Yugoslavia. I guess everyone should make it clear that they are not attacking Serbia because of Milosevic but attacking Milosevic because of Serbia. My conscience is in this respect perfectly calm. My conscience would not be quiet at least if his people would not, after all these years on his head, what I think about his fate if he imposed the fate of a Second, even if by explaining to people that I have chosen such a fate. This delusion to choose what I choose it for someone else is a dangerous misconception and is the main reason for my decision to publicly address the citizens of Yugoslavia."

Just remember... God helps all those who help themselves and others ... not those who sold their souls !

2011 / 11 / 29
Peter says:

KFOR are the terrorists of the NATO terrorists,shame on all of you.

2014 / 01 / 30
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