Gaza Flooded After Israel Opens Dam Gates

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March 5, 2012


Gaza Flooded After Israel Opens Dam Gates
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Gaza's poor infrastructure and lack of building material and equipments due to the blockade has led the war battered infrastructure to deteriorate. Press TV's Ashraf Shannon reports from Gaza.

A Palestinian environmentalist says the Israeli regime is engaged in systematically destroying the environment in the Gaza Strip by dumping sewage into the Gaza Valley and its surrounding areas, Press TV reports.

Iyad al-Qatrawi, a member of the Environment Quality Authority based in the occupied West Bank, emphasized in a Press TV interview on Sunday that the Israel opens a sewage storage east of the Gaza Valley “every once in a while and causes environmental disasters.”

Dozens of Palestinian homes in Gaza were flooded by untreated sewage after elements of the Tel Aviv regime opened a storage located to the east of the impoverished territory on Sunday.

“Sewage water is surrounding our homes… It flooded our farms… It has destroyed everything. Rescue teams tried their best to help, but they do not have enough equipment to deal with the huge problem,” said a Palestinian resident in Gaza.

In addition to causing environmental problems in Gaza, the Israeli regime persistently denies about 1.5 million people in the besieged Palestinian territory their basic rights, including the freedom of movement and the right to decent living, work, health and education.

“This is new Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza. They (Israelis) are trying to make us abandon our homes. We have been under Israeli blockade for several years. It is about time for the international community to make a move and stand by the people of Palestine,” said another Gaza resident.


2012 / 03 / 14
SASB says:

Look what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinian Muslims , and see the attitude of Muslim countries and also of Egypt blocking the aid and closing the tunnels for fuel to an open jail of Gaza. Where is the Human right watch? where are the Americans ? where is the GCC ? Why doesn't the Arabs raise their voice and threaten Israel for attacking Israel. What ever the Israel is doing to Palestinians is more dangerous then a Nuclear attack for which the Arabs and Israel are joining hands to attack Iran . Why the Muslim world is so shameful and helping Israel in doing all sort of un fair activities.

2015 / 10 / 12
mobi says:


2015 / 10 / 27
ismailkhan1 says:

In addition to causing environmental problems in Gaza, the Israeli regime persistently denies about 1.5cccam server

2015 / 12 / 09
dona says:

The condition of Gaza was really miserable after the flood when Israel opened the dam gates. I heard that there are lots of destruction have occurred in most of the areas. I hope that the government will take necessary steps as soon as possible.

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2016 / 01 / 02
asefrg says:

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