Smuggled Cash, Arms, Jihadists Fuel Syria War

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James Corbett
March 7, 2012


Smuggled Cash, Arms, Jihadists Fuel Syria War
by grtv

Syrian government forces have regained control of the Baba Amr district in Homs - which has been the main centre of armed resistance for almost a month.

Washington says it'll keep up efforts to convince Russia and China to put pressure on President Assad and impose tougher sanctions against the Syrian regime.

James Corbett - editor of the Japan-based independent news website the Corbett Report, says it's not developments within Syria, but international politics, that will shape the country's future.


2012 / 03 / 08
mikecorbeil says:

Excellent report, James.

And "man" is Google doing a lot of spying; apparently anyway. With Firefox in MS Windows I have an extension called Certificate Patrol and was prompted several times, or more, just to view this video. That's because several of the certificate approval prompts popped only in going to Youtube and due to having deleted the Firefox extensions database files in the Firefox profiles folder last evening and then rebooted into Linux for a few hours. I returned to Windows (MS) just a few minutes ago.

Anyway, it nevertheless shows that nearly everything we do at Youtube is being tracked; i guess anyway. I was never prompted for anywhere as many certificate approvals as I am now in the past and have been using Certificate Patrol for a few years or more, now. There were no such prompts for using GR,, and a number of other websites visited over the past several hours, but there were many for using Youtube.

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