The Weight of Chains: US/NATO Destruction of Yugoslavia

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Boris Malagurski
August 21, 2012


The Weight of Chains: US/NATO Destruction of Yugoslavia
by grtv

The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)

Boris Malagurski's award-winning Canadian film "The Weight of Chains", dealing with the breakup of Yugoslavia from a different angle - finally, exclusively, on YouTube!

Watch the film that has stirred controversy around the world, screened at cinemas across Australia, Canada and the US, as well as at film festivals in London (Raindance), Belgrade (Beldocs), Havana, Ann Arbor, Toronto, and many others.

If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans. Nicknamed the "Serbian Michael Moore" by the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Malagurski will expose the root causes of the Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.

Who's in the film? Everyone from former "Economic Hitman" John Perkins, Retired Major General of the UN Army Lewis Mackenzie, Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky, Canadian journalist Scott Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett, humanitarian Vlade Divac and the list goes on!

This film was funded exclusively through donations, so please support the project by buying a DVD of the film through the film's website:

"The Weight of Chains" is a Canadian documentary film that takes a critical look at the role that the US, NATO and the EU played in the tragic breakup of a once peaceful and prosperous European state - Yugoslavia. The film, bursting with rare stock footage never before seen by Western audiences, is a creative first-hand look at why the West intervened in the Yugoslav conflict, with an impressive roster of interviews with academics, diplomats, media personalities and ordinary citizens of the former Yugoslav republics.

The film began with production in late 2009 in several cities throughout Canada including Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, continued in early 2010 in the United States - Columbus, Dayton, New York and Washington, and was finalized in the Summer of 2010 in Slovenia - Ljubljana; Croatia - Vukovar, Djakovo, Jasenovac, Zagreb, Gospic, Knin; Bosnia-Herzegovina - Sarajevo, Trebinje; Serbia - Belgrade, Subotica, Kosovska Mitrovica, Trepca, Pristina, Orahovac, Prizren and Strpce. "The Weight Of Chains" was completed in October 2010.

The director of this film, Boris Malagurski, has made several films to date, the last one being “Kosovo | Can You Imagine?”, a controversial documentary exposing how remaining Serbs in Kosovo have little or no basic human rights, which won several awards on film festivals around the world and was broadcasted as well. “The Weight Of Chains” presents a Canadian perspective on Western involvement in the division of the ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and show that the war was forced from outside – regular people wanted peace. However, extreme fractions on all sides, fuelled by their foreign mentors, outvoiced the moderates and even ten years after the last conflict – the hatred remains and people continue spreading myths of what really happened in the 1990s. Why did all this happen?

This film will also present positive stories from the war – people helping each other regardless of their ethnic background, stories of bravery and self-sacrifice. The aim is to come up with a powerful weapon that people who are against war and hatred can use as a collection of good arguments in their favor. The disunity among peoples populating the Balkans have marked the last couple of centuries. Let’s start a new page, today, in the 21st century.


2012 / 08 / 21
Maria says:

Every concerned citizen should watch this great movie.Domination of the world on progress by the select elite groups.
They rake in all the money and the people get the crumbs.

2012 / 08 / 22
Tatjana says:

Many thanks to author.
The move is showing Pure Trurh,
I know - I am a eyewitness to this terrible game.
No more tears for the fate that has befallen us.
People need to watch this move, becouse tomorrow it can be their homeland, theri town, ther family...
Be the master of your destiny, you think with your brain.
This is a great warning to the citizens of the world.
Thanks to Global Research TV .

2012 / 08 / 22
Serbia says:

Yesterday Yugoslavia, today Libya, tomorrow Syria .. next tomorrow?

2012 / 08 / 26
Mike Corbeil says:

Very fine documentary. I would've only appreciated more. We should hear more from Michel Chossudosky, Scott Taylor, Lewis MacKenzie, ..., plus Serbs and Albanians who lived together very well. But that might make it a 3 to 4 hour documentary, so it's asking a bit much. Chagrin.
Given that it's only 2 hours, I can't really pronounce any complaints. I would just like more.
It's a freely provided documentary, so I guess that I better shut up.

2012 / 08 / 26
Mike Corbeil says:

Quote: " Maria says:
Every concerned citizen should watch this great movie. Domination of the world on progress by the select elite groups. They rake in all the money and the people get the crumbs."
True, somewhat. The "lucky" few among us get the crumbs. The rest are all killed. Heh, rich and powerful "elites" who are corrupt are greedy even with bread crumbs.
Well, you can try to find grocery stores that don't lock up their garbage bins. Not good during hot weather months, but can be handy during winter months. It usually is poor quality food, but it's at least safe during cold winter months. Stores get rid of food after "Best by" date, but the food or so-called food is still edible, if kept cold. Most stores seem to lock up their bins though, so if you're poor, then starve. The planet is supposedly overpopulated, anyway. So if you're poor and accept to humbly and silently starve to death, then the "elites" will be very happy with these results. After all, they try to be productive.
Not quite a rosy world, imho.

2015 / 02 / 15
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2015 / 02 / 16
davidjohn says:

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2015 / 02 / 16
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2015 / 02 / 19
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2015 / 02 / 21
JackEskin says:

Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.freestanding baths

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