Tears of Gaza: The Brutal Truth of Modern War

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Vibeke Løkkeberg
November 26, 2012


Tears of Gaza: The Brutal Truth of Modern War
by grtv

"Tears of Gaza" is a documentary that shows the suffering inflicted upon the people in Gaza during Cast Lead, an Israeli invasion that was one of the most horrific culmination of war crimes and massacres against a civilian population in history.

More than 1400 Palestinians died, of which 400 were children.

"Tear of Gaza" exposes the brutal consequences of modern wars. The film is based on the imagery taken by people themselves in Gaza while the war continued, with some additional material from the few foreign journalists who were present while the conflict unfolded.

The film depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience. Many of them live in tents or in ruins without walls or roofs. They are all in need of money, food, water and electricity. Others have lost family members, or are left with seriously injured children. Can war solve conflicts or create peace? The film follows three children through the war and the period after the ceasefire.

"Disturbing, powerful and emotionally devastating, Tears of Gaza is less a conventional documentary than a record–presented with minimal gloss – of the 2008 to 2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military. Photographed by several Palestinian cameramen both during and after the offensive, this powerful film by director Vibeke Løkkeberg focuses on the impact of the attacks on the civilian population. Tears of Gaza makes no overriding speeches or analyses. The situation leading up to the incursion is never mentioned. Similar events certainly occurred in Dresden, Tokyo, Baghdad and Sarajevo, but of course Gaza isn’t those places. Tears of Gaza demands that we examine the costs of war on a civilian populace." (Excerpt from Steve Gravestock, 2011 Toronto International Film Festival)

"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians" - Nelson Mandela



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