Spain's Stolen Babies: Catholic Church Caught Child Trafficking

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Katya Adler
novembre 8, 2011


Spain's Stolen Babies: Catholic Church Caught Child Trafficking
par grtv

It is no surprise that the Catholic Church has once again been caught in yet another child trafficking scheme - this time in Spain.

The Protect Your Children Foundation is keeping track and exposing the organized crime of the Catholic Church so far in order to alert and warn the nations. The Catholic Church has murdered over 50,000 native children in Canada at Residential schools administered by nuns, 500,000 children stolen by nuns in Catholic Mother-Baby homes in Australia, another 500,000 in Canada. Not to mention more than 30,000 women tortured and abused in Ireland's Magdalene Laundries and more than 30,000 children abused in the Catholic residential schools of Ireland - to name a few.

No longer can the nations deny that these are isolated cases. It is obvious that the organization known as the Catholic Church is the worst criminal organizaiton in existence, utilizing the Lord's name to gain trust and commit crimes against humanity.


2011 / 11 / 08
gabriel domínguez says:

I think Global Research does a great job against the massive misinformation and propaganda of U.S. and allied powers. I think GR maintains an honest, commitment to truth, justice and freedom. So I am disappointed that the dissemination of information from the BBC (!) and anticlerical groups GROSSLY FALSE.. The Catholic Church is a victim of the powerful, a hindrance to their plans and a staunch ally of the poor. When all NGOs beyond the Catholic organizations are just next to the victims of the rich and criminal governments. You could talk to the missionaries, aid workers from Caritas, of Monsignor Romero.. instead of giving credit to shell organizations funded by Soros and company.

2011 / 11 / 09
Jacob says:

I hope GRTV is not morphing into an anti-Catholic organisation. Statements like this are highly inflammatory: "It is obvious that the organization known as the Catholic Church is the worst criminal organizaiton in existence, utilizing the Lord's name to gain trust and commit crimes against humanity." While there is no denying there are some bad apples in the church, it would be wrong to stigmatize the whole institution. The Catholic Church continues to do an immense amount of good work around world, particularly in the developing world, providing assistance in various fields including education, health care and with the poor. The New World Order, which GRTV is so much against, wants to destroy the Catholic Church. I'm surprised why GRTV has relied on such an anti-Catholic organisation as the BBC for its source when GRTV has often been critical of the BBC.

2011 / 11 / 09
gabriel domínguez says:

It is gratifying to see that I am not the only one surprised by the confidence that seems to GRTV with the BBC and was alarmed by the possibility that GRTV can join the global campaign against the Catholic Church.

2011 / 11 / 09
monika loibner says:

As a born Roman-Catholic and living in Austria I can say that really the Roman-Catholic Church did and still does very bad things. The Vatican collects of all the freely given money for poor people given usually after masses at least between 20 to 25 %.
Help organizations are usualy founded by peoples' money through the governments. The government here also pays for the Roman-Catholic schools the teachers and the school renovations and other important necessities to 85 % whereas these are privat schools and have to be paid.
Even the churches here are restored by taxes from the citizen themselves. The Roman-Catholic church in itself is a very vicious organization.
It wouldn't have become so rich in Europe without those "practices" to get more and more land and the co-operation with the nobility which oppressed the poor people.
History tells a lot what happened.
And what happens still - a church who shows its richness by special "formations" and "dresses" is out of place.
A church who disrespects its own people too has not to be respected.
Too many crimes in the past and still too many crimes in the present. Crimes all done under/with the name of "God".

Unfortunately a child moleting pries cannot put on trial in Austria - and some other countires.
Such is the Roman-Catholic church even nowadays.
An organization looking for more and more money.

Such priests who are doing good aren't so many and they do it because they believe in it - usually without any help from the Roman-Catholic Church-organization.

We are living in the 21st century: people should be more aware what could be the truth and what is pure "tale-telling" in this religion which has always preferred the rich to the poor.


2011 / 11 / 09
david says:

No organisation can be allowed to be above suspicion or beyond criticism.
Particularly religious organisations that hide behind divinity.

The sexual abuse perpetrated, and relentlessly covered up, by the Catholic Church, should be enough to see the Church put under some sort of civil authority and thoroughly investigated, with criminal charges for all found to be involved, up to, and including, the pope.
No one can be allowed to be above the law, especially when it comes to the abuse of the weak and minors.

2011 / 11 / 09
greg stokes says:

It is certainly true that some people do bad things. Your statement is inflamatory and a fair bit over the board. To actually imply that the catholic curch killed 50,000 children in canada is bordoring on insanity. Your organization should be more responsible in making such declarations.Abuse occurs everywhere and no one is exempt from tempation be it politicians, transit workers or priests. Evil exists but to sterotype organizations or races of people is wrong . Each person is ultramately responsible for his actions.

2011 / 11 / 09
peacefulwarrior says:

@ greg stokes

Mr stokes you say "each person is ultimately responsible for his actions " I couldn't agree with you more !
Let me tell you something ...when the fish starts to rot, it starts from the head first... and the Catholic church has a head called the Vatican which is nothing more then a power hungry organization that hides behind the word GOD a wolf in sheep's clothing.

2011 / 11 / 09
eric says:

"greg stokes says:
Evil exists but to sterotype organizations or races of people is wrong . Each person is ultramately responsible for his actions."

I agree that every person is responsible for his actions. I wish we all understand that. How can anyone support a organization that rape, kill and snatch babies? Besides that google; pope calls for new world order and pope calls for one world bank. If there are good people in the organization they should turn there back and walk away, provided that they can't change the situation. And personally I think they can't.

p.s. there's such a thing as an evil organization. It's called a dictatorship or autocracy. It's good for the dictator and his friends but it's evil for the rest.

2011 / 11 / 10
Jacob says:

This is getting off the topic, but only a small number of Catholic priests (approximately 1%) abused children. Whereas in wider society the level of child abuse is much higher. Nor is child abuse restricted to just one Christian denomination. Most child abuse actually happens in families. Yet people think child abuse is essentially a Catholic problem. It is not. Steps are already underway to prevent past mistakes happening, and the church is not above civil authorities.

Regarding the so-called world bank mooted by the Vatican, what was proposed was a "true world political authority" to regulate a globalized economy, not dominated by major powers such as the United States through the likes of the IMF. This is actually quite a progressive stance because it acknowledges the inequalities of the current system that works to the advantage of a small rich elite.

What the media constantly tells you is that the Catholic Church is inherently evil and you must be crazy to be a member of such an institution. Every organisation has bad members like any other, but to say its inherently bad is unfair. The pope only instructs his fellow Catholics to follow Christ.

2011 / 11 / 10
Brendan says:

Greg Stokes is right. The article is far fetched and inflammatory. What is more, it has surfaced at this time in support of more widely controlled hostilities against the Catholic Church and in particular the Vatican .

Let's hope that GRTV has not decided to become a part of that.

2011 / 11 / 10
peacefulwarrior says:

YES !! my little ones ...
The pope only instructs his fellow sheep to follow Christ...while they indulge into world politics like murder and espionage and lets not foget their past time... sex with little boys.

2011 / 11 / 12
Torbjorn Larsson, OM says:

I got here by googling the new potential scandal. So, in passing:

@ Jacob:

The problem with the child abuse isn't if it's higher in the remaining society (IIRC the statistics say it is indeed much higher in this sect), it is that it is an institutional cover up of crime aka systematic hiding and abetting it from the current leader on down. This is what mafias do ("run by criminals for the purpose of engaging in illegal activity"), not other groups in society.

Also, it is done by a sect claiming that they have at least as good moral as secular societies, when instead the evidence is that indeed "religion poisons everything".

2011 / 11 / 12
AffinityNetNews says:

Having spent many years in the TV news media in America, I can tell you that 99% of what goes on is never mentioned in the media. And one of the dirty secrets that few in the MSM will touch is this very subject.

So, it continues unabated behind closed doors and countless children and parents are added to the list of victims. So, don't be angry at the media for being too hard. Be angry at yourself for not demanding that the media be even more aggressive! Be horrified at yourself if you aren't screaming with blind rage and are furious about this!

Imagine yourself in this nightmare. Some of you idiots actually said this article is "inflammatory", oh, well excuse the hell out of me! Find me something to beat you with you clueless, ignorant soulless bastards! "Inflammatory", my ass! It's not inflammatory enough!

I've seen so many of these stories covered-up over the years by news editors, reporters and the corrupt TV networks that only care about R-A-T-I-N-G and truth only when it shows profit and doesn't 'up-set' any of our 'sensitive' viewers or never our sponsors!

If you people only knew what is really going on in high places with these many of these children and wealthy powerful filth that prey on them ... you have no idea of the scope and depth of child slavery, porn and murder that is rampant even in the smallest towns by 'Authority Figures'.

We all need to scream this story from the highest rooftops! Take a good hard look at the next innocent little child that you see and think of them being raped in a porn film, or sold into slavery and then murdered when they are too F**king old at 10 years of age!

You can't even believe the things I saw while working in the Film Industry in Hollywood and NYC.

2011 / 11 / 12
M Blanton says:

'It is obvious that the organization known as the Catholic Church is the worst criminal organization in existence, utilizing the Lord's name to gain trust and commit crimes against humanity.'

Yes, the 'organization' of the Catholic Church has some very serious flaws and some of its Hierarchy participates in illegal activities which many good Catholics condemn as in all Religions. Perhaps some of the stories are true, but I smell a rat and a concerted effort to embellish and exaggerate when the source is the BBC. There are still many good traditional Catholics out there.. ie..( The priestly Society of St. Pius X) led by Bishop Bernard Fellay for example has been resisting the hijacking of our Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council in the early 60's. They have been working tirelessly to preserve the good name of the Catholic Church by following Christ our King and not man. God has allowed this terrible scourge but it will all be righted in good time. The danger you pose to many people is to blanket the 'entire Church' as something evil. If you are going to serve justice to good journalism, at least do your homework and present both sides of the Church. The 'organization' as such of the Catholic Church is corrupt and dead but the 'Church' as a living, decent and holy entity is still very much alive within its good lay people and priests fighting the good fight. Jesus said: 'the gates of Hell shall not prevail...I will be with you unto the end of times'. Please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

2011 / 11 / 12
peacefulwarrior says:

@ M Blanton

There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance ...

2011 / 11 / 12
peacefulwarrior says:

What Global Research TV has touched here, is just the tip of the iceBERG ... So I say to you THINK ! start thinking for your selves or be prepared to lose one's self .


2011 / 11 / 29
Paul Hastings says:

This is beyond comprehension! Truly the work of dark forces who should, no must, be brought to justice.

Antonio Barroso is NOT ALONE! Nor should he be alone in such a time of pain seemingly without end.

Although I was not a baby who was stolen at birth and sold to the highest bidder, I am a believer in the inherent goodness of man who in the face of certain evil is, however, very vulnerable. By faith I am Roman Catholic Christian who has always known that where "man, money, and politics" come together evil is very likely to follow at some juncture--especially within the confines of a massive and highly secretive organization run by a "closed shop" largely beyond the reach of public scrutiny.

My faith in Christ has not shaken by the evil doings of those withing Roman Catholic Church--without my faith I would fall apart. I believe it is time for the Church to open its doors and put it's men, money, and politics; to paraphrase an old expression; where its mouth is! Actions speak much louder than words--justice MUST be served.

Maybe this disaster is large enough to cause Church leaders with a conscience to come clean!

2011 / 12 / 22
TR Prophet says:

I find it truly tragic when an Organisation places its own interests ( Secrecy in this Case ) above the spirit of the doctrine it was founded on Peace on earth and good will towards your fellow man. I am not a loon or zealot I am just a person who lives and breathes life by that simple concept. what we must all remember is for as long as there has been the concept of a God there have been those who will do evil in it's name.

A belief is not merely an Idea the mind possesses , its an idea that possesses the mind. -

I ask you all How do you think your maker would see this situation.

2012 / 01 / 02
Janet says:

Totally amazing. An organization that facilitates kidnapping babies and raping children still has its defenders. And no, it's not 1% of priests who commited sex crimes, but, from conservative estimates, 4% and more likely 10%, with the even greater problem being the cover up that virtually the entire hierarchy and far too many of the lay people participated in.

2013 / 03 / 15
wounded heart says:

Man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of God.. when are we going to see repentance of the 900 hundred years or so of the devils doctrine of abstinance of marriage for priests 1 timothy 4v1~3 Until we deal with this deceit this will not go away. We all need an understanding of the full knowledge of God his everlasting love and his plan to restore us to himself through the shed blood of Christ. May all gods people seek him for themselves for he longs to form the image of his son in all of us.

2013 / 05 / 20
Keri Maxim says:

This is so horrific, sad, undeniably the most impossible thing that anyone could believe, yet how many years has religion used guilt and god to stick there genitals and fingers into innocent babies.....we are done , this should never happen, never, never, never.people have a sense, and if they love others that sense gets stronger and stronger. In a real world with real life, not churches playing us for there own benefits, just like all the tea party non profits, same deal....good will prevail! All the churches and charities that dont do what they should will be the years to come, the "win" will be fair!it will be the one who helps, Not whoever hurts the most people gets to have a tax free swiss bank account, where they can order a little child and do what they feel with them,.no wonder people go nuts thethings weveallowed is unacceptable, to say the least.

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